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Frequently Asked Questions


How long do the tours take to download?
Our technology provides large clear images that download fast. Almost instantly on cable or DSL connections, and 5-20 seconds slower modems.
Is special software or plug-ins needed to view the tour?
No. Any standard browser (Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc.) on either PC or Mac that has Java can view the tours.
What are the benefits of a virtual tour?
Virtual tours are available 24 hours a day and have been proven to generate interest. A Virtual Tour is the Hottest marketing tool available for real estate listings. The Tour window is designed to not only market your listing, but also yourself.
When will my tour expire?
Virtual tours will expire after a 12 months period of time. Each virtual tour can be renewed on an annual basis for a minimal fee, or you can Remote Host a tour on your own server forever.
How easy is it to order a tour and how quickly will it be be online?
Ordering is as simple as a phone call or completing a short form. We can shoot the tour as soon as like and tours are typically online within 24-48 hours of being photographed (excluding weekends).
How many images (virtual and still) can be included in each tour?
The tour window supports up to 30 scenes in any combination. Please refer to the Optional Features or Order Form regarding prices.
What exactly is a Marketing Partner Banner Ad, and how many can be placed on my tour?
They are small banner ads (250x35) that can rotating in the top right side of your branded tour window. They are a small additional fee, but you can sell the spaces to affiliate companies and actually make money on them (more info). Up to 15 banner can be displayed per tour. If there is one banner ad on a tour, it will remain static. If there are multiple banner ads on a tour, they will rotate.
Can I have a different set of Marketing Partner Banner ads for each tour?
Yes. Every tour has the option of placing new or previously used ads.
If I change my company or contact info, do I have to recreate my tours?
No. If you change your contact information, you simply let us know and we'll update the changes in your online profile. All of your tours will automatically update and the existing links to the tours will remain the same.
Is there an additional charge for the setup of real estate tour templates/skins by your logo staff?
No. We provide a customer banner, logo and photo where needed. We can even change the skin color and text colors if you like.
Can I choose my own links for the buttons that appear on my tour?
Yes. You can choose to use your own instead of the default ones we provide for City, School and Mortgage.
Can music or audio be added to my tour?
Yes. Free streaming music can be added. Pricing for other audio solutions can be found in the Optional Features section of our Tour Packages.
Can I place a printable flyer or floor plan on my tour?
Yes. There is no extra charge. Just supply us with it!
What would happen to my virtual tours if your servers were to fail?
We use a virtual tour technology that relies on a series of back up servers located in multiple locations throughout the USA. If one server were to fail, the next available back up server would kick in. This is called mirroring and the system is designed to ensure that the virtual tours experience maximum up time.
What is the speed of the links into your network, and how many connections do you have?
We use a virtual tour technology that relies on 4 super fast T1 lines. There are two main Mirror sites on both ends of the country to help cover the growing tour database even better.


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